Believe that what you want to do is feasible. Aim high, keep trying. Be brave. Enjoy what you do and work hard. Keep your word. Be loyal to others. Take care of your good name.  Richard Branson


Hołowczyc Space meeting rooms are an intimate creative space based in the area of Stary Mokotów, just 3km from the city center. Our venue is flexible enough to organize any kind of business meetings, training sessions and workshops, from 2 to over 30 people. We hire rooms and provide a professional customer service for workshop meetings.


Conference rooms

Informal, fully-equipped meeting rooms with access to daylight and garden


On the spot we prepare breakfasts and coffee breaks. We also provide healthy, balanced and tasty catering, including gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan diets

Our team

We are an ambitious and open team, providing professional service and making people feel comfortable


Aneta Hołowczyc

is the founder of Hołowczyc Space.

She managed and co-created Studio N16, a small conference space in Warsaw. She gained the working experience at the Italian-Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry as a consecutive interpreter, specialized in B2B contacts and negotiations and as a pharmacy professional with 10+ years hands-on experience in providing top pharmacy services in a retail setting.

She likes to write, listen to people and learn. She likes herself - especially when she is brave. Has a soft spot for Albert Einstein, the theory of parallel universes and rhyming words. Her favorite quote comes from the movie The Queen of the Desert, directed by Werner Herzog: "I know how to do all the most important things in life."


Our aim is to create in Warsaw a place in which every company would feel professionally looked after. We believe that by creating an intimate space with a good atmosphere, both indispensable in the learning process, we encourage creativity, thinking and collaboration. We know that people think better in positive places and if that happens, then the outcomes are better.

Every training or business meeting is an important element in the company development.
That is why we take care for our customers and pay attention to the details so that the benefits gained from the workshops and meetings are as great as possible.

We focus our attention on client's needs regarding the conditions, space and time needed during the training or business meeting. We also get to know the company's activity and the characteristics of the meeting so we could offer the best solutions. Whenever it is possible, we meet with our client - we get to know each other and talk over a cup of coffee, because we believe in building relationships and two-way communication.

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